Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chapter 4: Image class – Part 1

In this previous chapter, we looked at the overview of the various classes available in Magick++. In this chapter, we will focus on the Image class, the base class and learn its features and some of it functionalities. We will compliment these with example programs that will aid in the understanding of its use.

Image class

As indicated earlier, Image class is the main class in Magick++. It can
1.Read and Write almost all common formats including some field domain specific formats like dicom
2.Create new images
3.Perform image filtering1
4.Perform geometric image transformation
5.Improve quality of photographs
6.Perform image modification like slicing, bordering etc
8.Set image attributes
9.and more such features which could not arranged in to this list

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JH said...

where to you get your arguments (argv) from
I try to read a file by supplying a string ( but that doesn't work

Ravi said...

I have modified my code to answer your question. Basically, I created the instance of the class and then read it. You can also replace the first prog by the second prog as well.

1st prog:

Image master;"nature.jpg");

2nd prog:
Image master("nature.jpg");

JH said...

I tried giving .read an address but it still didn't pick up the file. Is it possible that I did not properly link/initialize magick++