Saturday, November 21, 2009

Did you know that ... Part 2

1. Digital Imaging received this years Nobel Prize in Physics. Willard
Boyle and George Smith received their recognition for work on Charge
Couple Devices (CCD) used in range of scientific instruments including the telescope.

2. There have been many Nobel Prize awarded to people who used imaging as one of their tools of investigation

3. Hough Transform used in the detection of geometrical shapes was initially patented by Paul Hough in 1962

4. NASA Aerogel was used to collect the interstellar and comet particles. The aerogel slows the particles otherwise traveling at high velocity to a halt without heating. NASA collected images of these tracks along which the particle translated and requested help from public in determining the location of them.

5. Open shot is a free non-linear movie editor under Linux. You can clip, resize and trim movies, add transition between scenes, change speed of clips and even "Ken Burns effect".