Friday, July 16, 2010

Keep tab on items you lent using

On my free time, I have been working on a small but useful and interesting project. It resulted in the site

The reason for creating the site was my forgetfulness. I lend books to others and I forget about it. So, I decided to create a website where I can keep track of items I lent to others. If you would like to try it, just key in the details of the items and the name of the borrower in to the home page. The website will then send you a reminder email every month for the items you lent. If you are lucky and you get your items back, you can remove them from the list using the links provided in the email.

You can access it using any browser. The page is also light enough that it loads fine in mobile browsers as well. So whether you are at home, office or on road, you can use to keep track of items that you lent. Try it and give me your feedback.

Remember: borrower's err, so you need

October 5th, 2010: The previous version had the bare minimum styling. Hence I made some changes and I believe the new version is more pleasing to your eye.